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What's New In Pop Culture?

On February 16th, the eve of London Fashion Week, a mass of designers, celebrities, and fashionistas gathered to honor the late designer Vivienne Westwood at her memorial. Just as Westwood likely would have wished, the looks worn by all of the attendees were nothing short of iconic, with my personal favorite being the plaid ensemble worn by actress Helena Bonham Carter, designed by Westwood herself.

It appears as though the "feud" between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez has been reborn, with Selena commenting under a post of Bieber appearing to shade Taylor Swift, with whom the former Disney star has a very close friendship with. Shortly after, the singer decided to take a break from social media, although at the same time, she once again became the most-followed person on Instagram, surpassing Kylie Jenner. This combined with Bieber appearing to lose followers, indicates that the general public seems to be on Selena Gomez's side in this instance.

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