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Upcoming Events 11/21/22

Hey Wildcats,

I hope you all enjoyed a week full of spirit, the potluck, and the sports extravaganza!

After all that fun, you must be tired and ready for rest. Well, Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner! Starting on Wednesday, November 23rd, you have off for 5 days to eat, sleep, and have fun. Hopefully, you will all be well rested by the time we return to school on Monday the 28th because the last day of trimester 1 on December 2nd is right after we return from break. This is an excellent time to ensure you have all your assignments turned in and check in with your teachers to ensure there aren’t any surprises on your report card. Especially with some schedule changes, it is essential to clarify everything with your counselor.

For our middle schoolers, PreComps can be scary and daunting. On December 7th, BASIS is hosting a virtual PreComp success night to give tips and support for preparing and taking these tests. After these tests and high school midterms, you all must be so ready for some snow and festive activities. Thankfully, our winter break starts on December 19th and goes on for 2 weeks until January 3rd. Some fun winter activities that you can do are sledding in the park with friends, skiing, ice skating, or just staying in with a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies to watch the snowfall. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to stay safe to fully enjoy your 2 deserved weeks off from school.

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