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Toby Talk: Small vs Tall

As a society, we are often told that bigger is better – bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger salaries. But is that really true when it comes to our own physical size? When it comes to the question of whether I would rather be 2 feet tall or 10 feet tall, I wholeheartedly choose the former.

First and foremost, being small has its practical advantages. A smaller size means that I would require less resources to sustain myself – less food, less water, less clothing, and so on. This would not only be cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly. In a world facing resource shortages and environmental degradation, it's important to minimize our impact as much as possible.

Being small also has its physical advantages. I would be able to fit into smaller spaces, making it easier to navigate crowded spaces or tight corners. I would also be able to move more easily and quickly, since I would have less weight and mass to carry around.

But the benefits of being small go beyond practicalities. Being small also has its social advantages. As a smaller person, I would be more approachable and less intimidating. I would be able to more easily connect with others, both in personal and professional settings.

Of course, being small does have its challenges. I would not be able to reach high shelves or objects without assistance, and I may face discrimination or prejudice due to my size. But these challenges are minor compared to the benefits of being small.

In conclusion, while society may tell us that bigger is better, I believe that being small has its own unique advantages. From a practical and social standpoint, I would much rather be 2 feet tall than 10 feet tall.

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