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Toby Talk - Finest Sandwich Order at Butterbeans

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

I'm here to talk about what is indisputably the best order at Butterbeans: a panini with ham, provolone, tomatoes, pickles on the side, and the circular soft bread (not the rectangular one that looks better). The savory richness of the ham and the sharp nutty flavor of the provolone perfectly complement each other's tastes to create something that ascends beyond the heavens. Additionally, the one slice of tomato fills your mouth with a tart and tangy juice that adds texture to the already quintessential sandwich order. Make sure to wait near the sandwich bar to get your panini fresh off the press. Once your panini is pressed hot and flat, it is time to dig in! Take a bite out of the corner and let the satisfying crunch of the bread followed by the slow ooze of the tomato juice pleasure your taste buds. Then, add an extra crunch and tanginess with the many pickles you have on the side. Its optimal shape is easy to eat for someone who is in a rush and also provides a flawless cheese stretch for those who opt for the more savory approach. Whether you want to finish this quickly or savor the flavors, this sandwich is perfect.

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