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Times Square Becomes a Gun-Free Zone

At the beginning of September, Mayor Eric Adams signed a piece of new legislation which bans guns from Times Square. This bill was created in a direct response to a June Supreme Court decision, which struck down New York City’s effort to require that all citizens would only be able to carry around handguns with “proper cause”. Additionally, with a 13.4% increase in shootings, with incidences in all five boroughs, and a 40% overall increase in major crimes, Adams hopes to address the larger issue of gun control and gun safety.

This law became very difficult to pass as legal issues presented themselves. About a week before the law became official, a federal judge blocked the passage of the bill which greatly hindered the process as a whole. Additionally, backlash came from individuals who were concerned that such a bill would interfere with their second amendment rights, as well as backlash due to safety concerns; people worried that without guns, police officers would not be able to stop crime.

Overall, the bill was passed because it has been deemed unsafe for guns to be carried around in such densely populated areas. New York City values safety as a highest priority, and eliminating gun use in sensitive areas allows the government administration to stay in line with their values.

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