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This Weeks Student Spotlight: Toby Chau!

Every week, a student spotlight from Basis Independent Manhattan is chosen.

This week's student spotlight is Toby Chau!

Toby is an extremely smart junior who is doing 6 AP courses! He wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps, who is going to Columbia. Toby is a very well rounded person, as he has lived in California, Seattle, Florida, New York, and (New jersey). He enjoys K-Pop as well, and his favorite band is stray kids. He also has a brother named Aidan who goes to Columbia. He went to a spanish afterschool at 4 years old, starting his spanish studies. He moved to Florida when he was 5, where he went to a catholic school. He started playing trumpet when he joined the band in third grade. He did track in New Jersey for one year, before joining Basis. He enjoys watching anime and Korean dramas. Toby likes to run and play tennis. He also speaks cantonese. He likes streetwear fashion as well. Going to the library and reading is one of his favorite hobbies. His favorite Pokemons are Weedle, Shuckle, Goodra, Gible, Kyogre, Lotad, phanpy, Totodile, Cubone, abra. Toby is also a fan of seltzer, and fig bars.

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