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The Habits of BASIS Students

I have my own opinions about school, and my habits surrounding it, but I was curious as to what BASIS 9th and 10th graders' responses would be to these poll questions I came up with.

It seems that BASIS high schoolers prefer science classes to English and history classes. Whether this is because of the actual classes or our lack of teachers in many science classes, who's to say?

It seems we have a lot of crammers submitting responses (it's okay, i'm guilty of this myself). Props to the one person who does their homework on Friday, though!

Now, this one I don't understand. Why would you prefer to wake up earlier instead of sleep in, especially if PE is your first class of the day?

To the person who has zero alarms set: How? I find myself identifying more with whoever has ten alarms set ...

It seems most of us here have a superiority complex (or are just masochists).

I get that we all like to see our friends, but I kind of miss the good old days when I could get up 5 minutes before my first class and not have to worry about how I looked because I had the beauty filter turned on ...

I feel like the only acceptable result for this would be 50/50. I'm disappointed in you guys, and I am not here for the Hank slander.

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