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The Best YouTube Channels for Academic Enrichment and Motivation

I think everyone can agree that the Internet is a magical place. I mean, where else would you be able to see someone having a breakdown because they "accidentally" bought a $100,000 couch? Believe it or not, another thing the internet is good for is education, and motivation to keep learning. In order to celebrate this, I have compiled a list of 6 YouTube channels that deliver both interesting information and motivation to keep studying.

For when you want to learn about why parallel worlds definitely exist:

Vertiasium -

For when you need to know how the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually built:

Ted-ed -

For when you want to watch a 6-minute video about bricks:

Half As Interesting -

For when you want to learn the science behind why people hate math:

Answer In Progress -

For when you need some aesthetic productivity content:

UnJaded Jade -

For when you want to learn how to actually memorize things quickly:

Cajun Koi Academy -

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