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Technology: The 4090 and Meta's new idea

Recently, Nvidia announced that they will be pulling the rtx 4080.This is because the specifications of the 4080 are seriously lacking compared to the 4090. They have also announced that they will be relaunching it under a new name, likely the rtx 4070. A leak has also shown that the new graphics program, DLSS3, can run on units other than the 40 series, unlike what Nvidia said at the launch of the cards. The size of the cards has also proven too large, with the cards unable to fit into many standard cases, and can cause the PCIe slot on motherboards to break.

Meta has announced their new “Quest Pro” vr headset, with a price of $1500. The headset includes a new more powerful snapdragon XR2+ processor, higher memory and storage, and new controllers. These specs aside, the headset is designed for “work use”, if the work you do can be done standing in a virtual headset with 2 hour battery life for 8 hours.

I’m gonna talk about the implications of the new power standard coming with the rtx 40 series, and dissect the controversy. Also the new 1500 dollar vr headset from meta.

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