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Student Spotlight: The Tai Siblings

The Tai siblings are one of many new members of Basis Independent Manhattan. Though they have only been here for a month, they have already greatly impacted our community. Here are a few things to help get to know them better.

Zeyna is one of two new additions to the Junior class. Zeyna is the oldest of her siblings and sets a great example for her younger brothers. While caring a 4.0 GPA last year, she is a ballet dancer and has also started a nonprofit for South Asian people. Zeyna always strives to improve her studies so she even did a Havard program over the summer. Finally, Zeyna is the first of all Basis manhattan students to take all the required classes she needs in order to graduate. For example, while most people were taking 2 APs in 10th grade, she was taking 5! The 11th grade is very grateful and hopes she carries the team :D

Symir is currently a 9th-grade student. A few hobbies he has is swimming and biking. Symir has been swimming since he was 10 and hopes to do a competition soon. He also bikes to school every day, however, his bike has been recently stolen so he, unfortunately, has to use a citibike. Symir is most known in school for his love for flashlights.

Last but not least is the youngest brother Aser. Aser is in the 7th grade and rumor has it that he is incredibly smart. He may be even smarter than his two older siblings! Besides his intellect, Aser loves soccer.

The Tai siblings are a great addition to our community and have already made a bunch of friends. Hopefully, we will all learn more about them throughout the year!

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