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student Spotlight - Elijah Wiesel

“Three words to describe Elijah are: passionate, caring, and tall” - anonymous student

Elijah is known around the school as the 11grader with super long hair. However, there are two things that make Elijah him.

First, he has always been into music from a young age. He learned the piano but quickly decided that the guitar was his main instrument. He was in a band for a while because of his skills. Although the band disbanded, Elijah now has his own album! Besides guitar, Elijah likes to sing (specifically metal though). It is said that he has a perfect pitch which means that he can hear any note and know what it is.

Secondly, he is incredibly smart when it comes to math. In fact, he is the first Basis Manhattan student to complete the ENTIRE math curriculum. According to him, he now takes AP statistics as a “side quest”. Sometimes, he tutors other students in his grade when they need help with their math H.W, including me!

Elijah is a great community member, and we all love him (even though he can be a bit loud at times). If you ever see him, ask him about metal, and I'm sure you’ll start up a great conversation.

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