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Shenanigans Day!

Pre comps have already been covered, as you saw in the last article, unless you haven't. Although we have a stressful month during the end of January and beginning of February, Ms. Dickens has really helped by adding something fun at the end of the pre comps, On Friday. Classes: "… (crickets)". Fun: "SLAY I aM sOoO eXciTEd.", yeah basically whatever that was. We get to mess around and have fun with no classes in sight, and a special surprise for the sixth graders... A BOWLING PARTY! Except I hope nobody gets drunk on fruit punch again. (*cough, Luca, *cough).

Also I don't know about you but I will be relived, well until comp prep. |😬|.

Lets talk about how everyone had a crying session during lunch on Monday, Motivational speaker John Halligans talked about how his son committed su*cide, because he was bullied at school and online. Yeah it was very sad, but he also taught us why to be kind, and hopefully encouraged people to think before they speak. Speaking of depressing times we have a really important crisis:


Currently we have 2 6th graders enrolled in this club, if you like writing or just want to join a club PLEASE join the middle school the Basis Brief, we need more people or else we might have to shut down!!! If you like our articles, you can write one yourself by joining newspaper!

Signing off

-Ford Bascomb, 6pb

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