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Pre-comps + a love triangle???...

PRE-COMP SEASON WOHOoooo, Ummm... no. Nobody wants the pre-comps, we have so much to prepare for and it is not even a really important test. Well, it prepares you for the comps! (i know it's not what you want to hear, but it's true!)

Here are some study tips:

1) DO NOT study for more than an hour on each subject. if your brain concentrates on everything at once it is less likely to remember than if you study a little bit every day.

2) If you have questions in your study guide, DO THEM, it is really good practice.

3) Be better at life, don't be stupid

Back to the drama! for this week there is a love triangle between Nutella & Hallelujah.

(they're weird names because I cannot disclose their real names). So I heard from a friend of a friend that Nutella has a crush on Hallelujah. Great right!, wrong, because Hallelujah does not like Nutella, Even worse, Hallelujah Likes somebody else, Cambodia. And now for some reason, Nutella is mad at Cambodia even though he didn't do anything wrong. This seems unfair to Cambodia because he did not do anything. But I guess I see Nutella's pov because if you like someone then you would be sad that they like someone else, but you can't treat another person badly when they did not do anything, that is a no-no.

But the next day Cambodia told Nutella that they thought they were bad at one and another but Nutella is only mad at the person who spread the rumors, Keratin & Felicia. Sooooooo, Everything is good, well not for Nutella. (Ha!)

But anyways, Let's snap back to reality! I hope you liked my article this week, and consider my tips, Byeeeeeeeeeeeee!

-Ford, 6PB

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