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Playlist: K-pop

K-pop is short for Korean popular music. It is part of South Korean Culture. Although it stands for pop, K-pop falls into many genres of music such as rock and hiphop.This playlist will focus on the pop and rap side of K-pop. Although not all of the songs are as recent, they are unforgettable and extremely catchy.

Some of the artists

Mamamoo: Mamamoo consists of 4 k-pop female idols. Mamamoo has more of a mature image and the music is more intense than others. Although they focus more on the vocal parts of music, their rapper in the group Moonbyul is extremely talented because of how fast she can sing and pull together their songs.

Stray kids: StrayKids is an 8 member male K-pop group and personally one of my favorites. The genre of their music is extremely flexible and can range from calm and soothing to electronica. Straykids focuses equally on the rap and vocal parts of music.

Itzy: Itzy has 5 female members in their group. This year they have released two albums named Crazy in Love and Guesswho. The group also focuses equally on vocals and rap. I also suggest watching their music videos since they are creative and eye catching.

Xdinary heroes: This boy band group has 6 male idols. They are more of an uniqure group because they use their instruments in their performances. Although they have only released one song because of their recent debut, many fans can already tell that they are going to produce some of their incredible music. Their music does lean more towards rock and focuses on their vocals.

Link to playlist:

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