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Philosophies on Education

Updated: Jan 17

School plays a major role in all of our lives so it’s important to know how different education systems are set up. One of these systems is called para nihilism, which is mainly used in western civilization. This is the idea that there are certain truths that need to be taught in school revolving around what scientifically matters and what is important to learn just to learn. Centralism is the belief that there is a base standard for not only education but living as well, and that students need to learn how to live properly under the rules that society has set. Progressivism is an ideal system of education that revolves around the student. Rather than having teachers make their students follow a strict curriculum, the students instead learn concepts that they want to learn about or are interested in. Not only this but the idea of students first trying to teach themselves is also enforced. This is because having the students first try to teach themselves lets them explore concepts that are easier for them to understand. This simultaneously nurtures creativity.

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