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Notion: Organize Your Life!

Have you ever wanted to be able to have a to-do list, calendar, notes and other important information easily accessible on your computer? Well luckily, I have the perfect program for you!

Notion is a free application that has helped me so much in organizing my life for school, extracurriculars, and productivity. I use it as a to-do list, assignment tracker, grade database, fitness tracker, and even as a recipe book. From one central database, you can add and keep track of as many important aspects of your life as needed, and customize your Notion to perfectly match your aesthetic.

In order to fully get as many uses out of Notion as possible, I would recommend watching tutorials on TikTok or YouTube, because it can be kind of hard to understand at first. I would also suggest finding creators to download customizable databases from, so you have a template already created that you can edit any way you’d like.

Some helpful templates and widget creators:

Happy Notion-ing!

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