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Movie Review: Inside Job

The new animated Netflix show, Inside Job, provides a quirky look into the fictional lives of employees at “Cognito Inc.,” a company that manages conspiracies. The varied cast, ranging from humans to lizard people, is headlined by Reagan Ridley, an antisocial genius who has a high position at Cognito. She seems to be pretty happy with her job, despite her unpopularity.

However, this all changes when CEO J.R. Scheimpough hires Brett to help with morale, as Reagan is perceived as too intense and awkward. He’s everything that Reagan is not; charming, popular, and handsome. Although he’s inexperienced, the company immediately takes a liking to him, causing Reagan to feel insecure. After they work together to take down a robot replica of the President, they start to bond and form an unlikely friendship.

Although at first glance the main appeal of the show is the conspiracies aspect, the characters contribute a lot as well. The characters embrace the unique world and use it to push the story forward and create situations that challenge them in ways different than other shows.

This show has a lot to offer for its audience and has the potential to carry on for a long time due to its original concept and lovable, hilarious characters. It’s also self-aware about the cliches they use and turn something normally cringe-worthy into something ironic yet sweet.

In conclusion, I wholly recommend this show. It’s already one of my favorites and reminds me of a lot of titles such as Paradise PD and Big Mouth. From start to finish, it remains interesting and exciting. It’s also quite relevant both in terms of our country’s problem with fake news, and the emotions that come with being human in today’s world.

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