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How To Best Study For Exams

It’s exam season again!

Just kidding, it’s always exam season. While the constant stream of quiz and test dates that you receive on a daily basis may seem overwhelming, there is a way to manage it without losing your mind.

#1. Utilize the study guide:

The term “study guide” is pretty broad in terms of what teachers actually give you. It can range from a rough outline of topics you might need to know, to a 50 question packet that MUST be handed in on the day of the test. Hopefully, what they will give you is something in between, and here’s how to make the most of it. Make sure that you don’t lose it, which may seem like a given, but teachers can be pretty unforgiving with stuff they didn’t even want to hand out anyways. Take the information on the study guide and re-copy it onto a format that you best learn from, whether it be an outline or some flashcards. Create a plan to review the material on the study guide, using your notes from class to help you fill in any missing information.

#2. Make a study plan:

As mentioned in the previous tip, study plans are extremely helpful when it comes to making sure you know the material in time for the test. Study plans can be as broad as you’d like, as long as they outline how much time you want to dedicate to studying per day, and which materials you want to focus on. It’s okay if you don’t strictly stick to it, but make sure you keep it in mind in the days leading up to the exam.

#3. Collaborate:

Everyone loves a group study session! Studying with your friends will help you hold yourself accountable, and make reviewing for exams a little more bearable. For tips on how to plan a successful study session, see this article.

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