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Food Review: ViVi Bubble Tea

If you are looking for a bubble tea shop near the Chelsea campus, ViVi bubble tea is the perfect place for you. They offer a wide variety of milk tea and fruit tea drinks. They also sell hot food items such as popcorn chicken, sausages, and takoyaki. You can go here during lunch, after school, or even on a weekend with your friends. They are open from 11 am to 8:30 pm every day. Prices may range from 4-8 dollars, depending on the size of your drink and the toppings you may pick from their endless list of toppings.

Some drinks we recommend you try at ViVi are the ViVi signature fruit tea, oreo creme brulee bubble tea, and the flaming brown sugar milk tea.

If you are looking for a fruity option, the signature fruit tea has everything you want in a fruit tea. They add a variety of fruits, including orange, apple, lime, and more to add an extra crunch to your drink.

Want to taste one of your favorite comfort foods in your drink, get the oreo creme brulee. The creamy consistency paired with the oreo chunks makes it a must-try on your next boba run.

Craving the taste of classic milk tea? The flaming brown sugar milk tea is an original drink that you can always rely on.

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