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Flashlight Review: Nitecore P10i

This week, the light in question is the p10i from nitecore. After carrying this light for about 3 months, this is my take. The p10i costs around 80 USD for the base package, and comes with a battery, light, lanyard, spare O-rings, a holster, pocket clip, and battery case. The light itself is 5.8in by 1in, making it pocket sized. The battery is a 21700 form factor with 4000mAh. It lasts around 90 minutes on high at 1800 lumens, and has a high, medium, and low mode. The light has around 300 meters of throw on high, with an extremely bright hotspot. The switch on the back can be half pressed in order to release a short burst of light until depressed, or clicked to toggle it on. The mode button, which is a pad under the switch, can be pressed while on to switch through low, medium, and high. While off, pressing the pad can turn on strobe mode temporarily. The pocket clip allows the 170 gram light to be easily placed and removed from the pocket, but the holster makes it seamless to draw and holster the flashlight quickly. The main disadvantage about the light is the temperature. Around 30 seconds of having the light on high makes it too hot to hold, at least in 60-70 degree weather. Where this light really shines is in colder weather. In temperatures around 30-40, even 50 degrees fahrenheit, being on for 30 minutes on high, the light only gets slightly warm. I have kicked it, dropped it, soaked it, and put this light through torture, and it has held up. This is the carry light I recommend for anyone who owns many lights or none at all.

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