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First Annual Culture Day!

PAU is excited to announce the creation of Basis Independent Manhattan's first annual culture day on February 15th! The Pan Asian Union is an affinity group for Basis Manhattan students and faculty who are ethnically Asian. We strive to create a community that allows students to explore various Asian cultures and hold discussion groups for students to share their experiences as Asian Americans.

With our Culture Day, PAU’s objective is to acknowledge and celebrate all of the cultures within our school community. (This is not just for Asians!! All cultures and countries will be celebrated). We want to showcase our diversity in a way that allows students to be engaged, excited, and feel recognized. Culture day is a way for PAU members to use our voice to better our school. Ultimately, our goal is for this to become an annual celebration that is carried on even after the first graduating class. Culture day is just the first step in what PAU can accomplish.

…So, what can you do to help us celebrate culture day?? Well, we have so many ways for all students to participate! These are listed below:

  • Wear clothes that represent your culture on Culture Day!

  • If you don't have cultural clothing, definitely wear the colors of the flag(s) your heritage is from!

  • Sign up for you/your parent to bring in cultural food on February 15th

  • Help us decorate posters!

  • We want as many students as possible to create posters for various countries. We will hold poster-board decorating sessions in which everyone will have the opportunity to create posters for a country, or countries, of their choosing

  • Ask questions!

  • Come find me if there is anything you want clarification on, have an idea for, etc.

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