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Current Events: Oxford High School Shooting

On November 30th, 2021, a mass shooting took place at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, Michigan. This tragedy took the lives of four students and injured seven. 15 year old, Ethan Crumbley has been arrested by authorities and charged, as an adult, with 24 crimes. These crimes include terrorism and murder. Crumbley had taken a handgun from his parents; Jennifer and James Crumbley. Despite their efforts to evade law enforcement, a tip on their location was sent to the authorities. They were both found in an art studio, in a warehouse, in Detroit and arrested on Saturday, December 4th, around 1:30am.

According to surveillance footage from the school, Crumbley is seen entering a bathroom with a backpack, and exiting it soon after, holding a semiautomatic handgun instead of the backpack. Without hesitation, he immediately began shooting at students. This was during a passing period, meaning the halls were full of hundreds of students rushing to their next class. Authorities say he “methodically and deliberately” walked toward classrooms and shot at students with no escape. Thanks to the quick response by teachers and students to the gunshots, he allegedly never entered any classrooms. Students on record said that someone came onto the intercom announcing an active shooter in the building. Their teachers immediately began locking doors, covering windows, and barricading all entrances to classrooms. A student that was in the bathroom at the time of the shooting, recounted hearing a gun cock outside of the bathroom. When it was over and it was safe for him to come out, he opened the door and saw multiple bodies lying on the floor.

Police received around one hundred 911 calls during this but the first was at 12:51pm. The response time of the police after this call was thankfully only three minutes. Within three minutes of the arrival of the first responders, at the scene, Crumbley was arrested and unharmed. A video had been released of someone claiming to be law enforcement knocking on classroom doors. This caused the belief that the shooter had pretended to be law enforcement, but, at a press conference, the Sheriff disputed these rumors and confirmed that this was a police officer attempting to calm students.

Three students passed away at the scene and eight people were injured including a teacher. At the hospital, one of the injured was in critical condition and unfortunately passed, escalating the death toll to four people. Those that were killed are Madisyn Baldwin, 17; Tate Myre, 16; Hana St. Juliana, 14; and Justin Shilling, 17. One of the victims’ brother said “Never in my life will I ever feel this pain again”.

This devastating tragedy is not only affecting those involved, such as students, friends, and parents, but also the whole country. The Detroit Lions dedicated their first game to the victims of the shooting. They held a moment of silence for those that passed before the kickoff at Ford Field. This Saturday, the University of Michigan football team featured Oxford's "Block O' logo on the Wolverines" uniforms when they faced Iowa in the Big Ten championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The whole country is sending their thoughts and prayers to those affected and their families. Many hope this will open those reluctant to it before to the idea of change in this country. Our hearts go out to Oxford High and the residents of Oxford Township and all affected by this truly horrifying event.


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