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  • Toby Chau and Scarlett Schwimmer

Current Event: AI/Advancing technology and morality

For this debate, Toby Chau and Scarlett Schwimmer took opposing sides on the topic of advancing technology, and how dangerous things like social media are.

Toby's Take:

Technology has advanced too fast for legislatures to keep up and protect us from its dangers. In the wake of the convenience of the internet, there are also dangers that must be discussed. These dangers include companies selling personal information despite their Terms & Conditions stating otherwise. When these incidents occur, there are no laws to determine whether the actions of these companies are lawful or not, leading to many walking free.

Scarlett's Take:

Many times has the law been unable to apply to new developments. This does not mean that these developments are dangerous. Technology has accelerated in its development in the last couple of decades, and in doing so has been able to improve the lives of many. The information available to social media sites is available because the owners of the information have willingly joined these sites. They have a level of agency that allows them to assess what information they should and shouldn’t share. In the wake of laws not being advanced enough to protect these people, new technology should not be abandoned. Yes, those who lie to the public should be persecuted, but the public should have access to information that teaches them the risks of having an online presence, so they can be informed enough to make decisions for themselves.

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