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College Tips and News: Beautiful Campuses

We can all agree that some colleges have gorgeous campuses, whether architecture, greenery, or art. A few campuses even have castles! Here are the Top 3 most beautiful college campuses in America.

Berry college

Berry college is the largest campus in America with 27,000 acres. On the campus, they have forests and even a mountain. With their gray stone buildings, The main building looks like 2 castles combined! The campus also holds many activities such as zip lining, rock wall climbing, and volleyball courts.

University of Notre Dame

The university has 45 employees in order to make sure the landscape is in the best shape. With gardens and grottos, the campus adds nature-like elements all over the campus. In the main building, there is a golden dome at the very top which will catch anyone's eye who is walking passed.

Rice university

Although this campus is no match in size compared to Berry college, its architecture definitely makes up for it. The main campus building is a large rectangle with a beautiful arch opening up into the inside where it holds a bunch of green lawns. The rest of the campus holds many smaller buildings with a similar style to the main one.

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