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College Talk - College Visits

The next 2 weeks are packed with tons of college visits from all around the country. Here are some thoughtful questions chosen by Ms. Abrams to ask the college representatives to see if the college is a good fit for you.

On the Academic Environment

• How much time do students spend on work outside of class?

• What type of evaluations (i.e., exams/papers) do faculty members use most often?

• What role does class discussion play in the average first-year class?

• What type of thinking do exams and assignments require?

• How do students receive feedback on academic work, and how often do they receive it?

• Do students work together on projects?

• How often are students required to do presentations in class?

• How accessible are faculty members?

• How often and how many students work on research projects with faculty?

• Is there a required first-year program and a culminating senior experience?

• Are students able to easily access courses outside of their major?

On the Campus Environment

• Do students and faculty serve together on campus committees?

• How well do students get along with each other?

• How many students participate in community-based service projects?

• How easy is it to get involved as a student leader? Is the administration interested in students' input on campus issues?

• How often do students interact with peers of different racial or ethnic backgrounds or social, political, and religious views?

• How many students study abroad?

• What do most students do for fun?

• Are there opportunities for spiritual activities?

• What kinds of activities are students involved in outside the classroom, and how accessible are these activities to first-year students?

• Are activities in music, theater, and fine arts limited to students majoring in these

• Is athletic participation limited to varsity athletes?

• What percentage of students are involved in athletics or intramural sports?

On Campus Resources

• What types of financial aid and academic scholarships are available? Are they renewable each year?

• Who assists students with course selection and career advising? How often does this happen?

• How accessible are library and technology resources?

• What safety/security services are available, and how often do students use them?

• What health and personal counseling services are available?

• What career planning and job placement services and/or internship experiences are available?

• How early can these services be accessed? What data is available on graduate and professional school enrollment and job placement for students?

• What data is available about graduate and professional school admission and the types of jobs held by alumni, especially recent graduates?

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