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College News:Ashley goes to NYU

Recently, I went on a college visit to NYU and it was way different than I expected. Being one of the top schools in the US, I thought the school would be on the stricter side and focus on setting up students for their future careers. To my surprise, NYU is a very open school that offers its students many opportunities that don’t necessarily relate to their major. When starting their speech, the speaker brought up acknowledged that NYU is on stolen land from the Native Americans. They also announced every tour guide's pronouns. When on the tour, the student ambassadors were very casual, yet informative about the campus. Here are some things they mentioned!


There are two styles of dorms: classic and apartment. In the classic dorm, there are single, double, and quadral dorms. These dorms have a bed, dresser, and desk per student. The apartment style on the other hand has a living space, a kitchen, and two bedrooms which in total hold around 6 people. Each building has its own traditions like a lottery for free tickets to six flags.


NYU pays for a lot of things, so chances are, you will be able to see movies and broadway shows for a huge discount! They also have a lot of famous guests come to campus since they hold a popular theater. Finally, their library holds TONS of movies and films which you can watch in PRIVATE THEATER ROOMS. They also collaborate with the Columbia library so you can rent books and movies from there as well if NYU is missing what you are looking for.


The school offers tons of resources if you did not understand the information in the seminar. Not only do they offer office hours like BASIS, but they also have free tutors that can help you with the subject whether it's homework or studying. Finally, the library offers resources where you can call someone from a different NYU campus such as NYU ABU DHABI to help answer your questions. This means that you can be able to get tutoring almost 24/7.

Of course, there is so much more to NYU such as its unique clubs and tasty meals, so if you need more information, I suggest going to this website!

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