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Best Resturaunts to Eat at at the New Campus

With the transition to this new campus, some students may be left wondering where to go for off-campus lunch. However, before we do a deep dive into the restaurants in the area, first take a look at our on-site option. Butter Beans, the on-campus lunch option, is a very viable option. They offer a variety of foods, serving a different hot meal every day, some form of deserts whether that’s their apple turnovers or their bread pudding you can’t go wrong. If the hot meal doesn’t work for you though, then they also offer a variety of salads, chips, and even a sandwich bar with a panini option (I’ve tried it, it is absolutely delicious) and other people have also agreed that the food choices at the new campus are significantly better than what they were. However, if you’re looking to switch things up then get ready to go on a walk and open your wallet. The closest restaurant to the school, although perhaps the most expensive, is the Chelsea Caffe. If you’re just trying to grab a coffee and a pastry this is your best bet. They also have a tremendous amount of seating so if you just want a peaceful environment to eat and do some homework this is the right place for you. They also sell meals as well but unless you are willing to pay $13 plus for just a salad I would not recommend it. Secondly is New York Burger. It is located at 470 W 23rd street just between 9th and 10th avenue. If a sit-down restaurant is what you’re after, this is a great option! It is somewhat affordable and has some great burgers. While the shakes that they serve there are not as good as the ones served at shake shacks, they are definitely up there and are something I would highly recommend. Just be prepared to run there and back because while it is in close proximity to the school, the service can be slightly unreliable or slow. Thirdly, the most diverse, in terms of dining options, is Chelsea Market. Located at 75th and 9th it is a great option for lunch if you go with a group of friends. There are just so many different options that, even if you are an especially picky eater it would still be hard to not find something that you like. Ranging from burgers to falafel there’s something for everyone. Also if you feel like buying something other than food you can do that too at a bunch of really nice stores!

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