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Basis Current events this week

Last week, many amazing colleges visited, including Wake Forest University. Wake Forest is a business focused institute with a beautiful campus located in north Carolina. This week, American University will be visiting from Washington DC on Tuesday. Known for their programs in foreign affairs, finance, and politics, they have around fourteen thousand students with 20 percent in international affairs related majors. Hamilton College is visiting on Thursday, which is known for their economics. In fact, 17 percent of their students major in economics! Case western University is visiting Friday all the way from Ohio. Case western has great science programs including engineering and psychology. Get ready for Friday the 21st, with NYU visiting! NYU is a New York based school, with top-of-the-line academics and a wide range of majors. Be sure to see them on Friday during lunch!

On October nineteenth, Guys Night is happening at Chelsea piers! All high schoolers are welcome to come play laser tag from four to six. Come by and have a great time!

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