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Basis By Ford: Student Council Elections

Welcome to the first article of Basis By ford ! Basis independent Manhattan is a fun school, with rigorous academics and a warm community, but we never get to take a look inside of the students point of view, (i.e. The drama, relationships, etc.) From the middle school perspective, The Basis brief presents…

Drama Shows are percolating in peoples minds, "when is the next show", the 6th graders are preparing for Shakespeare shows Hamlet and Macbeth, you should see both! Performance dates haven't been announced yet but make sure to keep and eye out for Shakespeare posters!

Some people have best friends, some people don't. Some people have friends that they thought were nice but are actually not? Don't feel like you're going through friend drama alone, almost everybody in middle school is experiencing friend issues in only the first few months of school. I know that some kids in my grade have made up rumors about me and spread it to the whole grade, and it didn't make me feel good, that shouldn't happen to anyone. Don't just take it, tell an adult. If you feel like you're getting shut out of your friend group, talk to Ms. Benchi or Ms. Le. If you experience bullying, IT IS NOT OKAY, tell an adult.

In spite of that, here is the current drama; we all know the student council election is coming up soon and we have to vote for someone, the only problem is who is that someone… the 3 candidates: Anya and Lola, Gabriel and Arry, and Zach and J.J. Most people within the grades of 7-9 are probably going to be voting for JJ and Zach just because they know the both of them the most. The original candidates were Anya and Lola, and Gabriel and Arry. In the beginning Anya and Lola had a big fan group, they were giving out candy when people were leaving school singing the repetitive sound “vote for Anya and Lola!”. And soon the word started to spread and some might say Gabriel wasn't “promoting himself” so most middle schoolers were voting for Anya and Lola. But then…

Gabriel started to advertise himself and “the boys” in middle school started a literal cult to vote for Gabriel (in my opinion well, just no). And then Zach and JJ took over the playing field and made a comeback because they were so late. But to wrap up the article the moral of the story is… well there is no moral I'm just trying to make a good conclusion here, bye! In the end Everyone tried hard, but their can only be one winner, and that winner is... Anya & Lola! No where's the cookies! No just kidding we are excited to have student representative in the school council. Thank you guys for reading my article their might me some interviews in the next article, bye!

-Ford Bascomb, 6PB

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