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Avatar: The way of water, a flop...? *Spoiler Alert*

Avatar: the way of water is a sequel to the 2009 film Avatar, which smashed the box offices with 2.923 billion dollars, the 2nd one was hard to follow up with a budget of 250 million USD, with an average rating of 77% avatar 2 took almost 5 years to make, making 2.024 billion dollars, James Cameron did not disappoint, The 3hr and 10min film follows Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and their kids: Kiri (Sigourney weaver) , Lo'ak (Britain Dalton) , Tuktirey (Trinity Bliss) , Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), and their friend Spyder (Jack Champion)

About 15 years later the "sky people" come back to Pandora led by Col. Quarich (Stephen Lang), on a hunt to find Jake. Jake decides to keep his family, and his tribe (Omitakaya Clan), and move to a water tribe (Metkayina Clan). There the chief, Tonowari welcomes them under a condition, no misbehaving, obviously being teenage boys, Lo'ak and Neteyam did the opposite and they got into a fight with Tonowari's son Aonung (Filip Geljo). Anyways, without getting to in depth with the story of Avatar 2, It is already the 10th biggest movie ever. So even though some people are haters I personally love it! Lets hear some other Fans, (or not fans) Opinions!

Me: Overall what did you think of the movie

Anya: I love it but I always stay loyal to Avatar 1

Me: What would you rate it?

Anya: 8.5 / 10

Me: Who is your fav character

Anya: I liked the one that died (Neteyam)

Me: What is the most profound/ important scene?

Anya: Maybe the beginning scenes

Me: If you could live either of the 2 tribes which one would it be

Anya: Omitakaya (forest tribe)

Some people are fans but some people are haters, from Rotten tomatoes the 1st rating was a 2/5 (yikes) he said: "It would be missing the point to call the proceedings indulgent to the point of self-infatuation: Cameron has built a new world from the remixed bits of this one, and he seems determined that we should not simply visit Pandora, we should live in it." others just simply said the movie was way to long, lets see what the fans have to say: "It’s more than you can possibly imagine. A fantasy world so vivid and real it commands your full attention for 3h 12m. And when it’s done, you’ll still want to linger in this heightened state of make believe." says Dwight Brown, he gave it a 5/5.

I hope you liked my article, and be sure to see Avatar in the movies!

- Ford Bascomb 6pb

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