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Atomic Cake Recipie

With a new year comes new birthdays and that can only mean one thing, birthday cakes!

If you want to bake a cake for someone's birthday but you’re a crappy cook and you’re in a pinch, hopefully, this, very delicious recipe can help you out.

Atomic cakes are perfect if you want to impress your friend but suck at cooking; even though the recipe is kinda long the cake itself is super simple to make and the result is incredible!

For this cake you will need:

  • A layer of banana/ yellow cake

  • A layer of chocolate cake

  • A layer of white cake

  • Freshly sliced bananas

  • A box of Jell-O banana pudding

  • Freshly sliced strawberries

  • A box of Jell-O chocolate pudding

  • A box of Jell-O vanilla pudding

  • Whipped cream


  1. Place the layer of banana down and spread the sliced bananas over it, then top the slices with banana pudding in order to keep the slices together.

  2. Put the layer of chocolate cake over the banana pudding and layer the strawberry slices on top, joining them together with the chocolate pudding.

  3. Set the final layer of vanilla cake and cover it in vanilla pudding.

  4. Finally, frost the sides and top of the cake with cream cheese frosting and refrigerate

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