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An Interview With Mr. Laga

What past successes of the theatre department are you proud of?

I'm proud of the shows we've produced. I believe we've put on strong shows from the beginning of BASIS with strong diverse casts. I'm also proud of the level of difficulty of some of the shows, specifically "Antigone."

What are your hopes for the theatre program moving forward?

My hope is that the program grows bigger (in terms of bigger casts and tech crew.) My hope is to do 2-3 shows a year which will include a play, a musical, and a one act play festival. I also hope the popularity of the club grows too and that we get enough students to start a Thespian Society Troupe.

What do you envision the program becoming?

I envision the program becoming well-known throughout the state and even the country. I envision our drama club also traveling to different competitions and conferences and having our students represent NYC and BASIS with our drama club. I envision our shows are filled with students from all ethnicities, backgrounds, and affiliations. I want the drama club to be not only a great club but a safe space for students.

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