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AMD's New Competitive Processor

Recently, AMD announced the new ryzen 7000 series of processors. Starting at 300 dollars, the new lineup introduces new chip layering technology and a new socket standard. Amd is ditching the AM4 socket, and switching to the LGA socket, wh

ich is the platform Intel uses. This means that the cpu pins will now be on the motherboard instead of the processor. The highest end chip, the 7950x, clocks in at 4.7 gigahertz, boosting up to 5.7 gigahertz. This is 1.1 gigahertz faster than the previous generation. The processor features 16 cores, with the same generation standards as the 5000 series. The launch of these chips is still not an invitation to change immediately, as the motherboard technology is scarce as well as the new ddr5 ram. Intels 13th generation is around the corner as well, so waiting for them might be a better opti

on as we will be able to compare the two. Both chips only support ddr5 ram as well, phasing out ddr4 on consumer desktops. Over the last few years we have seen standards change slightly, but we are in the midst of a complete system change. Windows 11 is moving toward only supporting ddr4+, certain chipsets and processors, and even graphics cards. Soon, people with older platforms will not be able to upgrade without changing every part in their system. This will also revolutionize laptop technology, providing faster processors that require less power and less cooling. Windows laptops will now become more effective as work laptops as well as gaming devices.

Apple has recently released the iphone 14 and iphone 14 pro, bringing many new features. Apple is phasing out the physical sim card allowing for less risk and easier switching of phones. This now encourages people to buy more expensive traveling cellular plans rather than buying a sim card in a foreign country. The new watches also encourage safety, with promised satellite service and messaging to come soon. We will get better maps, fall detection, water resistance, and straps with the apple watch series 8. The new apple watch ultra has even better water resistance, shock resistance, and better features including a night mode which changes the colors to a hot red. However, the ultra starts at 800 dollars, the base price of the iphone 14. Minor details of the iphone 15 have also been leaked, including the new USB-C plug.

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