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All about Butterbeans

As a 6th grader who had never eaten ButterBeans in this building before, I can tell you for sure that the food this year is a big improvement from last year. I asked a few sixth graders to compare the meals, and here’s how it went. Jack Hagelgans says that “if McDonald’s food was locked in a closet for twenty years, it would taste better than the ButterBeans food that was delivered to our classroom on a cart for the past few years.” That is a very disgusting comparison, but several middle school students seem to agree. Ben Witelson says that “Last year, the brownies fell apart in my hands…[He]would rate those ButterBeans meals about 4/10.” Ravi Stone MacAdam says that “At the lower school, we went to the park for lunch, and they fed us really bad food.” There seems to be a general consensus that last year’s food was pretty bad. “But this year…[He would rate it an]8/10, 9/10." Witelson continued. Ravi says that he “would rate the Butterbeans food this year a solid 8/10, it's hit or miss. If you don’t like the meal that day, you can have soup, or chips, so it's okay. The out lunch is obviously better, because normally it’s food that you’re used to getting. For instance, Chipotle tacos are better than Butterbeans tacos. The out lunch is a 10/10 compared to Butterbeans. ” There seems to be an overall agreement that the lower school Butterbeans food was bad last year, and there has been a BIG improvement in the quality and edibility of the Butterbeans meals.

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