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80's Playlist

Because of the new year, I thought that instead of showing newer music, we can go back to the 80's. The 80’s was an era full of new music whether it was pop, rock, hip-hop, etc. Newer genres of music were also being brought to light such as punk and electronic music. Some of the most famous songs in the world were made in the 80’s. Personally, I feel that the 80’s music is the best era because of the diversity and style. It influenced how people make music now which is why it is still considered popular.

A few of the artists

Michael Jackson - you all have probably heard of him but just in case lets go over him. Michael Jackson was originally part of the group Jackson 5 with the rest of his family but then decided to create his own music, specifically pop. His music was so good and unique that people now consider him to be the king of pop. Although he struggled with things such as his vitiligo which caused his skin to lighten, he still put out great music until he died.

Billy Joel - Billy Joel, aka piano man, is an American songwriter and composer. Growing up in the Bronx and Long island influenced his music tremendously. Although he doesn’t make music anymore, Billy Joel made some of the biggest hits in the 80’s.

AC/DC - Even though they started in the 70’s, AC/DC still had a huge part in the 80’s. AC/DC is arguably the most popular rock band in the 80’s and still one of the most known. Some of their more famous albums are “Back in Black” and “the razor’s edge”

Whitney Houston - Houston is one of the best-selling artists of all time. Her voice is heavily inspired by gospel which is why it is so soulful. Besides being a music artist, she also had her fair share as an actress

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