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8 Signs You May Need A Better Organizational System

Obviously, we’re all a little bit disorganized. But sometimes, a lack of organization can be negatively impacting your life and academics, and your room doesn’t even have to look like this one for this to be true. Here are 8 signs that you may need to put effort into being more organized - even if you don’t realize it.

1. You forget to do assignments … even when you swore to yourself you’d remember this time.

2. You constantly procrastinate … and only put in half effort when you finally get to completing the task.

3. You always lose important papers … and your teachers have gotten sick of it.

4. You never know which task to do next … so resolve to just not to any of them.

5. You can never focus on tasks ... and eventually just give up entirely.

6. You lack motivation to put in effort … no matter how hard you try.

7. You always feel like you’re forgetting something … so you just learn to ignore that feeling.

8. You always stay up late doing work … and usually don’t fully complete it.

So ... you're realizing that most of these statements do apply to you. What now? Well I can't tell you with certainty what organization system would be best for you, but to start, I would consider checking out some of my other articles, such as the one about Notion. Good luck!

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