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11/8 School Events


Our school is beginning to create affinity groups for students and families of specific races, ethnicities, etc. Affinity groups are a great space for people with similar backgrounds to come together to share experiences, discuss issues, and generate ideas. These meetings are also amazing spaces to talk and learn about cultures, and to meet people with similar experiences and identities.

Students of Color Affinity Group

Ms. Hodge is currently working on creating an affinity group in which all Basis Independent

Manhattan students and families of color are welcome and encouraged to join.

Pan Asian Student Alliance

The Pan Asian Student Alliance is a new affinity group created by four juniors. PAU is open to all students, both highschool and middle school, and faculty who are ethnically from any region of Asia. PAU’s main objective is to bring a sense of diversity to our school community, as well as strengthen our community through integration of different cultures. Currently, PAU is starting work on bringing a Culture Day to BIM. Every Monday at 12:05pm.

November 10th

November 10 is the date of the AMC 10 and AMC 12. AMC 10 is for grades 6th through 10th and AMC 12 is for 9th to 11th. These competitions are a great opportunity to showcase your math talents and capabilities. Both of these tests are the first step in the path to the Math Olympiads. They will take place after the academic day, good luck!

November 11th

Enjoy the day off!1 In observance of Veterans Day, on Friday, November 11th Basis Independent Manhattan will be closed. This means all students and faculty will get a three day weekend, starting on Friday and coming back to school Monday.

November 14th

November 14th marks the beginning of spirit week. Celebrate school spirit and community by participating! Spirit week is always so much fun and a great opportunity to dress up and wear crazy outfits to school.

Upcoming Student Council Elections

Student council is up and running! Elections for class representatives have already taken place- congratulations to all the winners! Make sure to vote on November 8th for student body president.

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